Adapting to the ever-changing world is a typical day for BopCons

A typical day in a Construction company such as BopCons is adapting to change. What you plan for the day, is sometimes very different to the way it turns out. This is due to the constantly changing legislative, community and client requirements that are placed on us. The phrase “Change is the only constant “ is part of our everyday life.

BopCons prides itself on being agile and adaptable.  Careful planning is critical to ensuring the sustainability of the business. One of the key practices that BopCons has in place is succession planning. This began  when  our founder, Bryan Westcott, stepped down as CEO. Bryan realized that the future of the company depended on a smooth handover of the leadership of the company. His philosophy was to first look within his management structure for a successor. Whilst discerning amongst the managers who’d been through the daily trials and tribulations faced by the company,  James Popper stood out as the most appropriate candidate for succession. Bryan then coached James and a smooth transition took place due to the structured and phased approach that BopCons followed. The result of this is that BopCons kept its core values and under the new stewardship of James Popper, went from strength to strength. BopCons has enjoyed many years of accelerated growth under  the leadership of James Popper. 

Following Bryan’s philosophy of first looking within for a successor, James has also been grooming management and out of this, Khotso Makokotlela was identified as his likely successor. For years James has been grooming Khotso to take over the leadership in a structured and phased approach.

During the past year, it has become evident to BopCons that this would be an opportune time for a change of CEO to take place.

Introducing our new CEO: Khotso Makokotlela

BopCons are pleased to announce our new CEO: Khotso Makokotlela. Khotso will be taking over from James Popper who, after 14 years in the CEO role, will be assuming the role of Chairperson of BopCons from Bryan Westcott who has decided to retire, thereby taking on a more advisory and mentoring position within the company.

Khotso has been working with BopCons for more than ten years. In his latest position as Contracts Director he was responsible for several projects, including liaising with all stakeholders from clients to local communities and ensuring that all projects were delivered safely, on time, and profitable.

“Khotso has worked for us for many years and gained a large amount of experience. He’s proved himself and will be a worthy successor to James.” – Bryan Westcott, Founder and outgoing Chairperson of BopCons.

A budding entrepreneur with a community spirit

Having grown up in a rural village in South Africa, Khotso has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. In his early years, he spent many hours learning business skills from his entrepreneur uncle and grandmother and would always be the kid going to work or trying to sell you something.

His strong ‘’sense of community’’ has stayed with him and will play a crucial part in his role as CEO of BopCons, where we put a significant focus on building up trust within the communities where we work.

Apart from empowering communities, Khotso is looking forward to creating an environment where the entire team can succeed because “when everyone thrives, the business thrives”

BopCons puts a considerable emphasis on growth and development programmes within our company. Mentoring our employees every step of their career is part of our culture. Khotso himself is a “product” of these programmes, having been mentored for his role as CEO for the last five years.

Bringing new energy to BopCons

As James hands over to Khotso, he’s looking forward to seeing him bring in new energy, ideas and his management style to BopCons. While James will still be around to provide guidance and mentorship when needed, he’s excited to step back and let Khotso “run with it and steer the ship”.

One of Khotso’s first priorities as CEO is to intensify marketing efforts to find new clients and extend our footprint nationally.

“We’ve been in survival mode for the last two years, but our vision will soon be reached as we start growing and progressing again. The next couple of months will dictate what’s going to happen, and I’m confident that more work will be coming.” – James Popper, outgoing CEO of BopCons.

According to Khotso, his unique value lies in his persistence, perseverance and resilience. All evident in his latest passion outside of work as an Iron Man contender where discipline and pushing through challenges are key.

“You need to push forward until the good times come.”

Transformation remains a key priority at BopCons

“As a society, we can decrease the social ills that we face, including poverty and high unemployment. One of the ways to overcome this is to regain our moral consciousness to know what is right and what is wrong and to choose to do the right thing at all times.” – Khotso Makokotlela.

At BopCons, we put a massive focus on playing our part in the transformation of the construction industry in South Africa. We’re already reached our goal of being 51% black-owned, and we’ll continue to increase this number as we mentor more of our black, female and previously-disadvantaged employees.

Another one of our big missions is to build up more black-owned SMEs in our communities to help tackle the high unemployment rate in South Africa. As the new CEO, Khotso will be working with local communities to empower them and encourage the development of more entrepreneurs within the construction industry.

We’re all looking forward to the upcoming months to see how Khotso steps into his role as CEO and are confident that he’ll maintain our reputation for high-quality work, employee and community development, and transformation.

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