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The Johannesburg Children’s Home – Infrastructure for an Early Childhood Development Centre

The Johannesburg Children’s Home identified a need to build an Early Childhood Development Centre to cater to the social needs of the local community, which would provide a safe and fun environment that would “focus on school readiness, proper nutrition and supporting family strength.”  

Through careful planning and participation from key stakeholders, JCH achieved this objective by successfully opening the ECD in 2021, aptly named Funda Ngo Thando (Learn with Love). 

However, to meet the requirements of the Government Department responsible for ECDs at the time, the JCH had to perform various upgrades to the surrounding infrastructure and renovations to its property. 

The JCH then approached BopCons for assistance. This approach owing to a longstanding relationship between the entities, spanning many years and several successfully completed projects that have all been to the socio-economic benefit of the JCH. 

The first phase was the upgrading of the intersection of Observatory Avenue and The Curve.  

BopCons, in collaboration with Kumani Projects, performed various tasks with due care to deliver this phase of the project to a standard that satisfied the requirements of the relevant Roads Authorities. 

Phase one involved the construction of a new entrance off The Curve, widening the existing island, upgrading the existing stormwater reticulation, and reconfiguration of the traffic lights controlling the intersection to accommodate the traffic to and from the new JCH entrance. 

The second phase involved the construction of an internal road and parking area to facilitate the drop-off and collection of the ECD children.  

BopCons again undertook various tasks with due care to deliver this phase of the project. Clearance of the JCH’s landscaping was initially performed to make way for the new roadway. Thereafter, layer upon layer of gravel was hauled in and compacted to provide a lasting foundation for the final surface, which consisted of 80mm thick concrete block paving.  


BopCons simultaneously reconfigured the existing netball courts to accommodate the vehicular traffic whilst providing safe passage for the children along newly constructed raised walkways.  

The project also involved the relocation and upgrade of various walkways in and around the ECD, to facilitate safe walking access to the ECD.  In continual collaboration with the vigilant staff at JCH BopCons prioritized the safety and security of the children during construction. Our awareness and respect for these protocols resulted in the completion of the project without incident. 

During construction, our site-based team was generously assisted by our Site Managers from their surrounding projects, which made it even more of a BopCons team effort.  

Upon reflection our entire BopCons team are appreciative of our collective involvement in this project, and we fully support the endeavours of the JCH in uplifting the social wellbeing of the community. Long may Funda Ngo Thando nurture the precious children in its care!  

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